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Which filters for eZ Platform UI Search?

Hi there,

We released eZ Platform 2.1 this week, as you might have seen we started to improve the native search in eZ Platform UI by introducing some search filters.
We plan to further improve the search in the future versions, especially by adding other search filters.

What are the filters that would be useful to your users?

  • searching on only some fields within a content type
  • searching on languages and language status (translated content, untranslated content, translated but potentially outdated translation…)
  • searching on authors
  • searching on subtree
  • searching on something else (please specify)

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Thanks for your input!

Ideally, we should be able to filter/search with all criteria available to the kernel :slight_smile:


Ideally yes :slight_smile: but I am not sure an editor will understand.

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btw, if you missed it, here is current stage in 2.1:

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Well, UX is a separate issue. I’m not suggesting that all filters should be available on one page, but rather that they can be turned on and off, as per developer/editor wishes.

Agreed and actually we are working on a story for that (ping @bdunogier if you have strong hints).
In // we also want to provide filters out of the box in Platform U.I. that would deliver value in most cases and that can requires abstraction from the technical criteria in the kernel (an example being "search for content that are in Croatian but not translated in French… just one example…)

Bringing back facets would be nice too

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I may be next to the plate or this may already be fixed because I am currently on version 1.13.
But in version 1.13 we can not do research on values “different from”.

new Query\Criterion\Field('field_identifier', Query\Criterion\Operator::NE, 'not_this_value'), // Query\Criterion\Operator::NE does not exist !