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Welcome to the eZ Community

Welcome to the eZ Community. If you are new, make sure to read this posts. It points to some of our resources, and helps you get started and find your way.

What is eZ Platform

eZ Platform (pronounced “easy platform”) is an open source enterprise PHP content management system developed by eZ Systems. eZ Platform is freely available under the GNU GPL version 2 license, as well as under proprietary licenses that include commercial support.

eZ Platform is the successor to eZ Publish, an Open Source CMS in development since 1999. eZ Platform is built on the Symfony Full Stack Framework.


As a developer community, we use several platforms. To get familiar with them, here are some of our resources:

Getting started

We use Discourse for our forum. If you want to learn the basics, click on your username in the top right and look for the ‘Greetings!’ post by discobot. Follow discobot’s suggestions in this message, and it will learn you the basics about using Discourse. It’s fun, you even get a certificate!

On our forum we allow discussion and questions an anything related to eZ Platform. If you are looking for a quick chat you can also visit our Slack channel. Finally, for technical question you can also post on Stackoverflow. Of course we prefer you to post here, so we preserve our knowledge.

We hope to see you participate in many discussions, post questions, and share your own knowledge with our community. Stay civilized, and read our guidelines.