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Weird Redis Timeouts


we have a client which uses ezPublish for his website and he reported to us that the Redis cache have timeouts, but we couldn’t verify these with debugging.

The infrastructure is build like so:
2x Web Servers with Nginx
2x Load Balancers with HAProxy
3x Redis Sentinel Server

The connection to the redis is done via HAProxy. In the configuration file a old memcache is configured, do this interfere with the redis configuration?

Our client also reported that the redis connection is established via “stream_socket_client” php function but I couldn’t find anything in the Github of ezPublish neither in the Github of PHPredis.

Sorry I am not an expert in ezPublish.

Kind regards,

Hi Kai, your issue is difficult to provide you an accurate answer here. But the timeout you get, could be related to some infrastructure latency. I will suggest you to contact your next region partner manager to handle this issue. The same If you are using the community edition.