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Versioning eZPlatform

Hi all,
I have suggestion after last webinar to name next eZPlatform v4 not v3, because it will base on Symfony 4, and version admin set now v4, this will be much more readable for new people.
with eZP v2 we have now: kernel v7, admin v1, symfony v3 - nowhere is v2, and i suggest to display in admin panel in System information tab version of database and with each release X.Y.<Z> SQL script to update version in database. These things in my opinion will give order with eZPlatform versioning and naming.

I could get behind displaying the release version in the Admin UI. Not a bad idea.

In regards to skipping v3 to v4 for reasons to match Symfony v4. Not sure that’s a good enough reason.

Maybe jump to ezplatform v8 so it gets inline with ezpublish kernel v8 :wink:

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Going v4 now would make things clearer for that branch, but it’s afaik not given that eZ Platform major releases will follow Symfony major releases, so this scheme can easily break in the future. Both Microsoft and Apple have strange jumps in versioning/naming sometimes, even PHP, so I think we can manage it either way. The most important thing is to be clear in communication and in the product itself. I’m sure we can do better there.

AFAIK the main confusion is the discrepancy between ezplatform version and ezpublish kernel version. Newcomers can’t easily get that kernel 6.13 is ezplatform 1.13 or kernel 7.4 is ezplatform 2.4, and I think even more experience devs have problem with this.

Not sure how to solve it, the only idea I got I alread mentioned as half joke, to align it both in next release as v8

My suggestion is
A. admin ui bundle version will be now v3 - it will mean ezplatform v3
B. move ezpublish kernel to ezplatform kernel v3.x.y bundle - it will mean ezplatform v3
and it will contain all necessary dependences in composer.yml

That is also a possibility, yes. Not sure which is less bad :slight_smile: