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Urlalias not working


Why doesn’t this work when I have custom urlalias defined:

<a href="{{ path( 'ez_urlalias', {'locationId': 123}) }}">Some Link</a>

It always displays the system url.

I solved it through twig extensions (example bellow), but I’m not happy with it. Is there a more elegant solution?



<a href="{{ ezurl(123) }}">SomeLink</a>

public function ezurl($locationId)
    $location = $this->locationService->loadLocation($locationId);

    if($this->urlAliasService->listLocationAliases($location, true)) {
        return $this->urlAliasService->listLocationAliases($location, true)[0]->path;

    return $this->urlAliasService->listLocationAliases($location, false)[0]->path;

Did you try to regenerate urlalias ?

  • Backup your database
  • php -dmemory_limit=-1 bin/console ezplatform:urls:regenerate-aliases --location-id=123 --env=prod
  • Clear cache