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Understanding YML mechanisms (routing & ezplatofrm)

I’ve installed “ezsystems/ezplatform” v1.11.0.1 (clean) + “ezsystems/legacy-bridge” v1.4.0 + “netgen/admin-ui-bundle” v2.0.3 + “symfony/symfony” v3.3.10. It works OK.
My next objective is to develop my website with my own bundles, in order to have the backoffice working with legacy/netgenadminui, BUT the frontoffice working with new stack (symfony bundle + twig).
Firstly, I really need to understand the mechanism of YML files (routing.yml, ezplatform.yml, etc…) = to understand why the actual “out of the box” homepage calls such a twig template, etc… (I have to say I’m a bit lost)
Would you have any doc / cookbook recommendation, on Symfony website or eZ website ?
Thanks a lot
(I have also posted on slack community)

You should check out https://doc.ezplatform.com/en/master/guide/content_rendering/. This will help show understand how the templates and controllers are selected.

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I’d suggest to use https://doc.ezplatform.com/en/master/guide/content_rendering/ as it has shorter URL. Same doc, new domain.