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Turn off cache, possible? (2.5.8)


I would like to turn off cache completly, is that possible? I have the following in ezplatform.yml:

            view_cache: false # Activates HTTP cache for content
            ttl_cache: false # Activates expiration based HTTP cache for content (very fast)

It still caches templates etc.

Regards, Atle

Hi there,

you might have more luck on slack for such question, or if you are a Enterprise customer you can ask using issue tickets on support.ez.no.

For your question, is this pure eZ Platform setup? Are you using Symfony dev or prod environment?
For prod you will typically need to clear symfony cache in order to get it to re-compile templates, even if you disable view cache which is a separate thing (static cache for response itself).


Hi andrerom, and thanks for your reply.

Hva slack-channel is this?

Regards, Atle.

I found it, thanks :grinning: