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Tools to migrate from ez publish 5.4 to ez platform


Does anyone know if there are any migration tools I could use to migrate from ez publish 5.4 to ez platform ?
Is there any automatic process or at least partially automatic ?
Or to migrate at least step by step, doing small changes in time?

Thank you!

What do you need to migrate? content, code or what?

The code and the database. There are multiple websites for different languages sharing the same code. The websites contains different type of content, like galleries, articles but also custom galleries or articles etc.
There is a PostgreSQL database and from what I read for the ez platform is better to use mysql.
The big problem is that ezpublish uses the legacy code and ez platform is not anymore. But this is the point, get rid of that.


You are describing completely legacy solutions but on version 5.4?
Do you use the symfony layer or go directly to ezpublish_legacy folder?

Btw, its fairly simple to enable legacy bridge https://github.com/ezsystems/LegacyBridge/ on eZ Platform and fall back to legacy code when its needed. But only if the project was hybrid already in 5.4 (using legacy thru symfony layer)

Yes, it is a mix. It uses the symfony layer, for the frontend let’s say, and for the admin part still uses the ezpublish legacy code.
And in time I could get rid of the legacy bridge?
I want to update the code to a new version but also I want to have more control of the admin part. It is very hard to find the extensions I need and also it looks very hard to overwrite the legacy code.
Also do you have any idea about the database? Can I use a PostgreSQL database with ez platform. Also I saw that the structure of the database have changed a little bit.


You can get rid of the legacy bridge once all features are not using legacy code. Which might be possible but its not something that you can call upgrade nor migration. Its called refactoring :slight_smile:

For front part you were able to do that already with ez5 and you can continue on ezplatform as well. If you have custom backed features that our Netgen Admin UI might be useful so that you can start refactoring those thing piece by piece. Check this for more info: https://www.netgenlabs.com/Blog/How-to-start-using-Netgen-Admin-UI

The structure of the database has changed very little, there are db upgrade scripts that you can run. Regarding the postgresql vs mysql, sorry, but can’t help much there. So far in our 12 years of using ez we had only worked with mysql, so I don’t know if the new stack is fully compatible with postgres. In theory it should as ez uses doctrine db access layer and doctrie support lot of different databases, but I don’t have any practical experience.

Thank you very much for the information!!