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Templating with Netgen Site API


I’ve started developping twig templates and controllers with Netgen Site API on ezPlatform v2.0

As a starter I’m reading docs on https://github.com/netgen/ezplatform-site-api and following the video webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GafiFeTGQ9I&t=1595s

I would like to find some more examples, does anyone know where I could find some kind of use cases, etc… ?

Thank you

All available docs are already in the repo at https://github.com/netgen/ezplatform-site-api/blob/master/USAGE.md

Is there a specific topic you need help with?

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A kind of “starter kit” for beginner with Symfony + Twig + ezplatform.yml , like me:
for instance, a simple example if I need to write a twig template + controller for a view full object with a simple action (like displaying the subitems): the yml mecanism yml + controller for executing this action.
As soon as I have understood this mecanism, I think I’ll be able to understand the other examples provided in the github/netgen/ezplatform-site-api docs.

I don’t have anything handy right now, but I think my colleague intends to write up a quick start tutorial pretty soon. I can give you the example of a page from one of our demo sites.

First you need to activate the full view route override:

            override_url_alias_view_action: true

Then you define the override rule for the template:

                        template: "AppBundle:content/full:article.html.twig"
                        controller: "AppBundle:Demo:viewArticle"
                            Identifier\ContentType: article

The controller:


namespace AppBundle\Controller;

use Netgen\Bundle\EzPlatformSiteApiBundle\Controller\Controller;
use Netgen\Bundle\EzPlatformSiteApiBundle\View\ContentView;

class DemoController extends Controller
     * @param \Netgen\Bundle\EzPlatformSiteApiBundle\View\ContentView $view
     * @return \Netgen\Bundle\EzPlatformSiteApiBundle\View\ContentView
    public function viewArticleAction(ContentView $view)
        $content = $view->getSiteContent();
        $location = $view->getSiteLocation();

        $filterService = $this-getSite()->getFilterService();

        // Custom logic here

                // Adding a variable to the view
                'items' => $items,

        return $view;

Finally, create the template:

{# AppBundle:content/full:article.html.twig #}

{% extends 'AppBundle::pagelayout.html.twig' %}

{% block content %}
    {# In here, you have access to content and location Site API objects #}
{% endblock %}

Great !
This is exactly that kind of example (and especially the Controller) I needed to start.
It’s very comfortable to keep on developping & learning.

Let me know if you’re stuck :slight_smile:

I think we should add this to the repo as a HOW_TO_START.md, @MarioBlazek agrees.

@storton here is a more detailed getting started guide: https://github.com/netgen/ezplatform-site-api/blob/master/GETTING_STARTED.md

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Thanks a lot Netgen guys ! :wink:

One more fresh improvement - PagerFanta traits:

Latest info about Site API: https://www.netgenlabs.com/Blog/Site-API-for-eZ-Platform-docs-workshop-video-and-more

Collecting feedback: Site API - collecting feedback