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Some problems with the "Page-builder"

Bonjour à tous.

I have just given a contributor training to my client.
I’m having a lot of trouble with the “Landing Page” (LP)

Problem 1

The “Save Draft” button causes an error.

1 Create a new LP.
2 Click on “Save Draft”

Problem 2

After the publication of a landing page. The page-builder displays the Parent.

1 Create a LP on Content / Site1 / LP-folder
2 Publish the LP.
The page-builder displays the Parent : LP-folder.

Problem 2-bis

Links in the LP preview are not usable.

After publishing an LP in a folder; Links that would allow you to go back to the LP do not work.

The URL of the link is nevertheless encouraging:

But the click go to:
Error 500

Conclusion of problem 2

The contributor is obliged to:

  1. Exit the page-builder.
  2. Find your LP in the content browser.
  3. Reload the Page Builder.

Exit the page-builder.

I couldn’t find a button to leave the hell of the page-builder.
The contributor is therefore obliged to use a favorite of his browser or to manipulate the url to return to the “normal” admin.

Problem 3


Despite the good progress made since 2.0.0; the overall picture remains slow.

Maybe some of my problems come from my conf…
But I don’t have much…

                siteaccess_list: ['site_1']


I hope some of you have solutions to share.

Hello Rémy,

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll ask someone to have a look at this post.

Hello Rémy,

I got some information back:

problem 2 is reported here https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZEE-2132 (priority to be decided).
problem 1 was fixed in 2.2.0-rc1 (https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZEE-1951), question is on what version that is. Also might be platform.sh related or to some customisation.

It might help if you have more information, like version, platform etc.