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Site API - collecting feedback

Hi all,

Recently we significantly upgraded the documentation of Site API for eZ Platform. There is also a recorded workshop from Web Summer Camp which explains the bundle in depth.

Please, check it out and give feedback here.

Repo: https://github.com/netgen/ezplatform-site-api
Docs: https://docs.netgen.io/projects/site-api/en/latest/

All details in the blog post: https://www.netgenlabs.com/Blog/Site-API-for-eZ-Platform-docs-workshop-video-and-more


Hi, could you extend https://docs.netgen.io/projects/site-api/en/latest/reference/objects.html#filterchildren

What do you mean @radek.dev ?

Hi, sorry i click something and topic is not filled correctly, and i couldn’t edit it after.
I would like to have something like fetch(content, list,…) in eZP 4
so will be depth and sort and additional filters like in:

Hi @radek.dev, we already support query types in Site API, but they work in a little bit different way than in vanilla eZ Platform. See: https://docs.netgen.io/projects/site-api/en/latest/reference/query_types.html

Location subtree Query Type should be the one you’re looking for: https://docs.netgen.io/projects/site-api/en/latest/reference/query_types/location_subtree.html


To expand a little bit on the above, methods on the objects like Location::filterChildren() are intended to support the most common use cases. They are intentionally simple and are not intended for extension. If you need something more complex than they offer then Query Types are the way to go.

It’s interesting, thanks.