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Password recovery - admin only?

I’m looking into implementing password recovery for my website, and I’m having trouble finding documentation on how to do this, either in the ez platform docs, or the symfony docs.

I noticed that the ezplatform-admin-ui bundle has the functionality, but I’m not clear on how to expose this for the customer-facing side of the website.

This page in the ez docs briefly mentions changing passwords, but doesn’t give an direction on how to implement it. Also, it mentions requiring the user/password permission, but the permissions page says that that permission is unused.

Could anyone give some direction on where to start to implement this feature on the customer-facing side on the website? If you’ve had to do this yourself, did you use ezplatform functionality to accomplish it, or a third-party bundle like FOSUserBundle?


@sylvain.guittard would you have an answer to this?

@sutt In Netgen Media Site, we have implemented forgot password functionality which reuses database tables from eZ legacy. You can check the implementation at the link below and see if it fits your usecase:

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Thanks, @emodric, this might get me what I need.

I did the composer install and activate of site-bundle as directed, and upon cache clear I get the following:

In ResolveChildDefinitionsPass.php line 77:
  Service "ngsite.controller.base": Parent definition "netgen.ezplatform_site  
  .controller.base" does not exist.

Any idea what might be behind this? No errors were generated during the composer install of site-bundle.

You will not be able to use that bundle directly
It is designed for usage with https://github.com/netgen/media-site . I should probably add a readme explaining that :slight_smile:

You can extract the code from it, however, I can help with that if needed.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation. I will try to take the bits of code I need and see how far I get, and let you know if I have any questions.

I appreciate your help!


Hi @sutt, could you implement the forgot password functionality to public siteaccess?