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Page Builder allows editing main language only

Greetings everybody,

I’m having problems with eZ Platform’s page builder, version: “v1.3.20”, included in eZ Platform Enterprise Edition 2019 LTS (2.5).

Landing Pages exist in different languages, but page builder only allows editing the translation corresponding to the language flagged as main language for this LP.

If I want to edit a different language-version, I need to flag the respective language as main language first, otherwise the react app says:

and shows a blank page.

in ezplatform.yml, it says:

siteaccess_list: [xxx_ger_de,xxx_int,xxx_int_fr,xxx_int_it,xxx_int_es]

the site-accesses have their respective language assigned.

any help would be greatly appreciated, I have spent many hours trying to figure this out but can’t seem to do it by myself :confused:

Kind Regards,