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Override/Extend Admin UI: Add columns to content list table

I would love to get a short advice on how to override admin UI bundle templates. I just need more columns in the content sub items list/table under the content structure tab.

I read all “Extending admin UI” related topics but as far as I can see they all refer to adding content/parts/tabs/fields…

We use czurrent stable eZ platform 2.5.

Thx in advance // nielo

Hi @Nielo!

Maybe @Jakub Brzegowski (and @dariusz.szut) can help you.

You can also vote on this feature here: https://portal.productboard.com/ezproduct/1-ez-platform-roadmap/c/151-customize-the-columns-displayed-in-sub-items-list

Thank you @sylvain.guittard. I voted for your feature request.

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Hi @Nielo!

Unfortunately, currently there is no extension point allowing you to add more columns to Sub-items list. It’s React widget, so you cannot just override some twig etc. to add more columns.

Thank you. So there’s literally no way to add a column?