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Notifications on Slack

@robinmuilwijk shall we enable notifications on slack for new forum topics? there is a #notifications channel for this purpose. Some things might be also linked to #general


Yes, I’ll have a look at how to configure this. Should not be too difficult.

@gof ezcommunity.slack.com has reached its integration limit. As owner of the Slack channel, can you check if there are integrations that can be removed? I would need to set up a new one based on a web hook.

Are you trying to add more RSS feeds or?

No, it has to be a custom integration, based on a web hook. Then I can have Discourse post all new topics to a certain channel. I think the total number of ‘integrations’ on the Slack instance are on its limit.

I wonder if something like Giphy is still necessary? Or Slofile? I already looked into the Discourse doc, it is as simple as creating the webhook in Slack, copy/paste that url and it works.

I cleared a few. Can you try again?

Yes, thanks! I’ll let you know if I can get it to work.

@gof the Slack integration is now working. Currently all new topics, regardless of the category they are posted in, are being pushed to the #notification channel with a 20 second delay.

When necessary, we can also setup filtering (in the future) so that topics from a certain category here, will be sent to a specific channel on Slack.

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Good job! Thanks @robinmuilwijk

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Hi there!
How could I add me to EZPlatform Slack community, please? Thanks in advance. Brs.

Did you try this link: https://ez-community-on-slack.herokuapp.com/ ?

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Thanks! :slight_smile: