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No-break-space / special characters

I’m trying to find a way to insert an unbreakable space via the editor in an ezrichtext field.
Besides, what are the possibilities to insert special characters?
It was easy to do this before (eZ 4.4) in the xml editor. But I didn’t find out how to do it with eZ Platform.
Should we add a module in the editor?
Thank you for your help.

Sorry, can you please provide more details about your use-case? Meantime, seems like https://ezplatform.com/packages/contextualcode-ezplatform-alloyeditor-source might help to fix your problem.

Hello Serhey,

Thank you for this very quick answer, having the ability to disable the editor is indeed a possible solution.
but I was thinking about what I knew about eZ 4.4
a window to insert special and accented characters :

for example, an unbreakable space can prevent us (in french language) from having a double punctuation on the line,
like this

I’m thinking mainly of the use of the tool for integrators, editors, those who will manipulate text… and who will not necessarily be able to manipulate code.

Thank you for your help!

Best regards,

Seems like you would need to integrate https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/specialchar with eZ Platform Online Editor (Alloy Editor which is built on top of CKEditor).
https://www.contextualcode.com/Blog/Extending-eZ-Platform-Online-Editor might be pretty useful for doing this.

Thank you very much for your feedback Serhey…
We are going to talk about it in my team …

Our team came across the same problem, and we made https://packagist.org/packages/contextualcode/ezplatform-alloyeditor-special-characters :slight_smile: