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Netgen TagsBundle now supports eZ Platform Admin UI v2

Just a quick tip for those interested :slight_smile:

Netgen Tags Bundle in version 3.2 (still in dev) is now fully integrated into eZ Platform Admin UI v2.

  • Admin interface is fully functional
  • Field edit interface works (no edit views yet, but they will be much simpler to implement now)
  • Field definition edit interface works

Go wild eZ community :slight_smile:


Great news!
How was this 1st experience with v2?

Great work @emodric

@rolandbenedetti it seems dev UX is finally getting there, but I’ll leave it up to Edi to judge.

Quick feedback from my side after giving it a first look.

  • I think it would make more sens to have the eZ Tags U.I. under Content, as a subtab (or eventually under Admin).
    At the end of the day, it still is Content, so I think my best choice would be under Content, with policy to grant or not the access to the tags U.I.

  • It’s not that we want to hide the brand but I just think it would be more user friendly if the logo “Netgen Tags” was lower down the page. Some sort of footer “Netgen Tags”. We already discussed this :slight_smile:

Are you interested if we try to work on that?
Down the road, we definitely would love to make the Tags bundle core.


DX is definitely much better, it’s all pretty much standard Symfony stuff, so no surprises there.

As for location of the menu item, I honestly like it more on the main toolbar because it is more accessible and visible. It also leaves us the option of later adding planned subpages to the main interface, like tags search and so on and it is consistent with Platform UI.

We tried placing the logo at the bottom, but it didn’t look or behave well when integrated into other admin UIs. I’d rather keep it consistent everywhere, than spend extra hours supporting one or the other interface specifically.

Ok thanks for the answer, I’m not sure I (and most importantly end users) would agree, but it’s ok to disagree :slight_smile:
The point of having subpages is interesting though, do you guys have a roadmap or documentation about what you intend to do there?

Not yet, no, but as I mentioned, some form of tags search is a reasonable candidate.