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Moving from old ez publish


I work for a small company that is used to the legacy edition of ez publish, but now would like to try the new version, ibexa content. We would like to know if there is a community edition of ibexa cms available at this moment, and then maybe request for a demo version.

If the community edition exists, is it possible to found the official documentation at the internet?



Hello @ngomes, and welcome back! To qoute our explainer page:
“Ibexa DXP is the foundation for three products: Ibexa Content , Ibexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce. In addition we have an integrated PaaS offering in the form of Ibexa Cloud. Our core technology is available under the GPL in the form of Ibexa Open Source.”

So, Ibexa Open Source is the current equivalent of the earlier eZ Platform Community Edition. The documentation is written on the basis of Ibexa Content, with notes about Experience, Commerce and Cloud. There is no documentation specifically about Ibexa Open Source, but it is in many ways similar to Ibexa Content. If you look at the installation, for instance:

…the difference is that 1) you can skip the step about authentication tokens when installing Ibexa Open Source, and 2) where it refers to “ibexa/content”, replace that with “ibexa/oss”.
The github page is at https://github.com/ibexa/oss

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