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Move eZ Platform 2.1 EE to eZ Platform 2.5 CE

At the moment I have an eZ Platform 2.1 installation in production and since the eZ Platform rebranding to Ibexa and Licence update, I decided to go on Community Edition instead, but in the same time to ugrade the kernel to 2.5.
Knowing that the database schema also reflects the EE installation, I have some concern about unexpected db issues if I plan to move to CE because of landing page or other EE related content.
What do you think?

@spidey I don’t think that the rebranding will affect the software as long as you are using the Enterprise edition (Now called Ibexa experience as you still need the landingpage builder) . But I would recommend to keep contact with Ibexa sales and your partner agent in your region.
To answer your question, yes you can move to 2.5 CE but you should be aware about what you are using now and which tables / bundles you have to remove next. It needs a content and DB analysis first. There is no steps to describe here because it is a process that depend from your current software usage.
May be I can help you here if you need further information.
But first think please about the advantage of the new 3.x version with symfony5 and the package features of Ibexa experience. Don’t forget the support help as well.

Hi @da_real,
Thanks for your reply.

The idea is that I don’t wanna use EE any more, but in the same time I want to save the current content so I can reuse it in a CE version (2.5 or 3.x)

I have successfully switched the kernel to 2.5 CE and upgraded the dependencies but then comes the errors due to page field types.
I am trying to convert/migrate the page content type using the eZ page-migration tool, but I cannot install it anymore because it required this dependency ezsystems/ezplatform-page-fieldtype which is not available any more in eZ repositories…
Just for test, I was trying to manually convert the page/landingpage content type within the database to ezrichtext and the errors are gone, but ofcourse that the content is not parsed correctly and instead it’s just returned as string.
This is the main issue for now, but maybe there are even more that I didn’t discovered yet.

from what you describe it is a little bit risky and you will have to spent some time to fix things and corrupt content. Basically, you have to find a solution and remove the page field type before doing the migration to 2.5 to avoid any missing bundles. Once your content is clean then you can upgrade to major version.
Please note that removing the page field type depend on the number of landingpages you have. For small installation that might be done without big effort, for large sites it could increase the effort spent here to find a way to think about the right way to move/replace blocks with other fields.
Not sure if the string in ezrichtext will help a lot and how it looks like, but eztext is more save to avoid validation.

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In the end I have decided to start from scratch since there is (auto/good) option to convert the current content.

Thanks a lot anyway for your opinion.

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@spidey looking forward about the convert results and how you proceed, Good luck :slight_smile: