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Migration from ez5.4 /Community 2014.11 with eZ Flow to eZ Platform


we plan to update a multisite using 2014.11/ 5.4 with more than 20 sites to eZ Platform. We use the community Edition. One siteaccess uses symfony/twig, all other siteaccesses use full legacy. The legacy sites are using eZ Flow (in future we plan to migrate all this sites to symfony without flow/ landing page).

Can anybody tell me if it Is posible to migrate to ez platform 1 or 2 with legacy bridge and use the old eZ Flow functionality for the legacy sites?

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You can upgrade to latest ez platform + legacy bridge, although it might be a bit bumpy process considering what you have from extensions, etc. AFAIK the ezflow should work on latest legacy bridge, but not 100% sure. Ping @andrerom @emodric.

we recommend to update to the latest 2.x . If you have some issues you could always report them to us here. You should considerate that the lagacy bridge will not be supported up v3.x (begin of 2019)