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Markdown block field type

Markdown field, i will be very grateful. Of course with online view while editing.

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yaml, json and xml field to.

Thanks @radek.dev for the suggestion.
A new fieldtype for markdown makes sense. I created a new feature on the portal: https://ezproduct.productboard.com/portal/tabs/f2f85272-20dd-4ceb-8566-0a885233b0f6/features/1558285/portal/expanded.

You are also mentioning block. Do you want also a markdown block for the page builder?

@remy_php what kind of use cases will cover those new fieldtypes?

Salut @sylvain.guittard,

You are also mentioning block . Do you want also a markdown block for the page builder?

I guess if you want markdown on the builder page you want it to be a “block field type”. Not a default block.

            name: 'My block'
            # ...
                    name: "My markdown field"
                    type: markdown

Concerning the fields yaml, json and xml field I have a case where the administrator must enter yaml configuration for the tracking tool (smarttag of AT-Internet)

I put a plain text field and it works very well… But without syntax highlighting or consistency checking…

Originally i had in mind filed name like “text block” -> “Markdown block” and if you see for it more it will be nice.

Cases are: Documentation field, code snippet field, live editor field, for now that’s all.

Edit1: or maybe better “Markdown editor” field type?

If we have a new markdown fieldtype to the product, I don’t that will be a big effort to make it available for the page builder.