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Maintaining database

Hi! I created a new EZ project and I want to store it in my Github repository including the database. What is a better way to maintain db, as dump or fixtures?

Hi! Git is not really a good place for databases, except for a small “getting started” dump, and schema (table metadata). For that I would use sql dumps, as we do in eZ Platform.

Table content changes frequently, grows quickly, and often contains sensitive personal information, so it’s better to backup that with regular dumps in secure storage, I think.

We are using Kaliop Migrations (https://github.com/kaliop-uk/ezmigrationbundle) to represent our schema changes through migration files which are stored in git. We are using both a common shared database as well as local databases through ezlaunchpad. So sharing the database among developers has been tricky. We either have to share the migration file or dump the database and zip it off to someone.

Kaliop Migrations can also use SQL files so when eZ Platform Updates quarterly you can move those scripts into your Migrations folder and commit them to your git repository.

Your question is one every team has to answer with your development workflow. I haven’t found a solid solution yet or best practice. It would make a great workshop/webinar for sure.

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