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Looking for a good RAD tool on Windows


I am looking for recommendations for developing on a RAD tool.

I’m developing my own bundle and commands in order to create all my content types, content type groups, etc… each time I want to create a new website. I’ve been inspired by the “ezsystem/CookbookBundle” (thank you Ez, that’s a very good tutorial for learning and starting ! :slight_smile:)

I’ve been working for years on Windows with Notepad++ to develop my code, and I’m browsing the http://pubsvn.ez.no/doxygen/trunk/NS/html/index.html webpages each time I need to use a class, function, attributes, etc… which is a bit long/boring and old school ! Would you have some recommendation for using a free/open source RAD tool (on Windows), able to recognize ezplatform API + autocompletion for all functions, attributes, etc… ?

I’ve a read about Atom which seems to be quite good to be plugged directly on github ?

Thank you for your advices.

Hi, @storton - great choice to look around for a better developer experience! Notepad++ will always have its place on every developer’s Windows machine, but there are certainly popular IDEs and editors with rich integrations that are a pleasure to explore and work with.

The single most popular IDE in the PHP (and Symfony (and therefore eZ Platform)) world is PhpStorm. It’s not free, but there’s a trial version you can use to check it out and try-before-you-buy. You can go to Preferences -> Plugins, search for “ez”, and if the plugin is not found then click “Search in repositories” to locate and install an unofficial plugin for PhpStorm.

While they do add a lot of value in their commercial product, you can still enjoy a free Community Edition called “IntelliJ IDEA CE” and install a smaller subset of plugins to achieve your goals. Another free option that I have used for PHP projects for many years is the NetBeans IDE, which offers excellent PHP support.

Atom is a great text editor, and there are many fine plugins for editing in general. You are not likely to find eZ-specific plugins outside of the PhpStorm unofficial plugin mentioned above, but with proper indexing and either Symfony or just plain PHP support, many IDEs and editors are smart enough to build a model of your project and suggest things with various degrees of relevance.

Some other nice editors include Microsoft’s fork of Atom called VisualStudio Code, Sublime, as well as several smaller contenders. There are other IDEs as well, such as Aptana, Komodo, and more.

There are even online editors such as c9.io that are starting to have quite a strong set of features.

I’m personally content to use Emacs, Atom, and NetBeans for my personal projects, and I do use my PhpStorm license for work projects to stay comfortable working in the most popular IDE in the PHP world today. I recommend trying everything and deciding on your favorites. Even experiencing the ones you won’t use in the future enriches your appreciation for the ones you will.


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@storton we do have a few free licenses for Phpstorm (http://share.ez.no/blogs/community-project-board/15-phpstorm-licenses-available), but they will expire August 2018 and will not be renewed. Just check that link.

I would probably follow David’s suggestions though, like Atom and Netbeans, as they are free and you won’t get stuck with a license that will expire. That would mean you would have to adjust your flow/process.

Both Atom and Netbeans have plugins that will support the integration with Symfony, code highlighting, Composer etc.

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Hi @storton!

I know it’s not what you asked for, but regarding:

Did you have a look on EzMigrationBundle? You can create YML files for almost everything on eZ Platform.
Content Type definition example: https://github.com/kaliop-uk/ezmigrationbundle/blob/master/Resources/doc/DSL/ContentTypes.yml
More Resources: https://github.com/kaliop-uk/ezmigrationbundle/tree/master/Resources/doc/DSL

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Great !

Thanks a lot @sylvain.guittard
It seems to correspond exactly what I’m looking for, so I will not reinvent the wheel .

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Good news! :slight_smile:

@janit just posted some tips, you should have a look.