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Image editing in eZ Platform 2?

We have now made a test install of eZ Platform 2.0. Am I right that it lacks all forms of image editing capabilities? Nothing like eZ IE seems to be present?
If so, how do you recommend us to provide such capabilities? Are there any other Symfony bundles that can be used or adapted to use with Platform 2?


Hello Nicklas,

This blog might be of interest: https://ezplatform.com/Blog/Image-manipulation-with-eZ-Platform-and-Cloudinary.

Netgen also provides a Cloudinary plugin: https://github.com/netgen/NetgenRemoteMediaBundle.

As far as I know, both plugins provide basic image manipulation. I will double check on eZ Platform v2 image editing options and get back to you about that.

Edit: image editing in eZ Platform v2 is on the roadmap, so not yet available right now.

Hi Robin,
Thanks for the reply!
Very interesting with the Cloudinary plugin.
However, we are primarily in need of image editing capabilities in the admin, like the ones eZ IE provides. I suppose we will have to wait for that.


Here is a bit more information about that bundle: https://www.netgenlabs.com/Blog/We-are-releasing-our-Netgen-Remote-Media-for-eZ-Platform-with-Cloudinary-support