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Hey, we are trying a new forum service for ezplatform.com

do you like it?
I personally do.


I like the fact that I can register and log in with eZ account!

I like it!
Can someone add my account to the admin users? So I can configure header and footer?

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Done, I granted you admin rights, so you can look at changing header and footer.

Yep, the login.ez.no is cool!!!
Was it hard to do?
Might need a bit of U.I. magic to make it even more streamlined.

Where would the social login end up? A box near “with eZ Systems” or would it be on Social Login/

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Nice @robinmuilwijk !

me too!

That is great I want all the badges and all the hidden too! :sunglasses: :gift: :jack_o_lantern:

@Plopix how did you sneak in? :wink:

If you like hidden stuff, check the ‘Greetings!’ message by discobot. And follow its suggestions.

Testing picture upload with a famous Norwegian car…

I have all the badges I could get lol even the Advanced :stuck_out_tongue:

badge ‘First Link’ test welcome-to-the-ez-community

Amazing @Plopix! :tada:

(with this post I have 3 new badges :D)


hey hey I want the first link too: plop

There is an image missing in your post

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I hope we will have fun here :wink:


Good old login.ez.no is still useful :wink:


Great to see you already joined Ivo, and Edi! And yes, login.ez.no and the social login options will make it easy for everyone to join.

Welcome @emodric and @gof!

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Hope we’ll share many things here

Welcome @nicolas ! Glad you found your way to this new forum.