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Hacktoberfest 2020

Dear Community,

Ibexa Engineering team would like to invite you to participate in this year’s Hacktoberfest by contributing to eZ Platform, the open-source Symfony-based DXP.

Whether you are an experienced coder, or taking your first steps, if you feel like breaking into the world of open-source software, Hacktoberfest is a great way to get started.

What can you do?

We prepared a special list of improvements that we would be eager to see in eZ Platform.
You do not need specific knowledge of eZ Platform or Symfony to contribute to most of them.
Many are beginner-friendly and can be a good introduction to working with enterprise-level Symfony code.

Take a look at the list and see if there is anything there that you feel like taking on.
Do you have an idea for a different improvement or fix? Feel free to propose something new.

What’s in it for you?

Our engineering team will review your contributions, offering constructive comments and discussion, as well as an opportunity to hone your skills and try out working in a new environment.
If you want to discuss your solutions, ideas, ask questions about some of the tasks or propose your own, write to us on here using DM on eZ Community Slack.

Last but not least, participating in Hacktoberfest itself gives you a chance to win a special yearly Hacktoberfest t-shirt.

In case of questions, please contact us here on eZ Community Slack.