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Force default site access on the URL?


Do someone know if there is an equivalent of Legacy functionality: RemoveSiteAccessIfDefaultAccess to force default site access on the URL.


What’s the use case for this? With the siteaccess matchers, including the compound matcher with URI and host matching, we haven’t had the need for an equivalent setting.

I have 3 siteaccess

  • /en/ (default)
  • /fr/
  • /es/

The root url is / (so English version)

I don’t what to have 2 url pointing to the same content to improve the SEO, so I want to force a redirect from / to /en


These 2 URI have the exactly same content.

With ezpublish legacy, a configuration was available:


Ah, OK, I was thinking /en to /, not / to /en.