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Ezmigrationbundle import from dev to integration issues

Hello, I’m trying to use ezmigrationbundle to get my structure and data from dev to integration and then to production.

We’re trying to migrate an existing site to Ezplatform, I can manually enter the data once (to integration or dev) but I can’t possibly do it for each environment (dev/integration/prod).

I’m having a couple of issues:

  1. Running a migration that creates content, I have a segmentation fault

Careful, the database will be modified. Do you want to continue Y/N ?Y
Processing 20190606124425_placeholder.yml
Segmentation fault

Migration file:

type: content
mode: create
content_type: test
parent_location: 2
priority: 0
is_hidden: false
sort_field: published
sort_order: DESC
remote_id: 113e887471ca4bd5eab5007b58e65b9e
location_remote_id: d5bbe330c98854bda06199d49e4a978c
section: 1
object_states: { }
lang: eng-GB
owner: 14
modification_date: 1559824994
publication_date: 1559824994
always_available: true
new_ezstring_1: ‘test data import’

  1. I was able to run a migration to create ContentType, but I can’t see the added content type in my admin.
  • I cleared the cache.
  • I can see it in the database.
  • Same happens if I export/import the database directly.

My dev environment is using Vagrant/Nginx/Php-fpm7.2
My integration is on AWS with Nginx and Php-fpm7.2
Both databases are AWS RDS.

Thank you for your help.

  1. I’m not sure about what you want to reach here:

but I can’t possibly do it for each environment

You should maybe consider to use the bundle in one environment and later migrate to integration and then to prod. The bundle can also export content/Type. but it needs some effort

  1. export/import the database: you should always keep in mind to clear the filesystem cache “cache.tagaware.filesystem”(in 2.5) (earlier version should use “cache.app”). For redis usage (“cache.redis”). Note: We’re using persistence cache to speed up the UI

php bin/console cache:pool:clear cache.tagaware.filesystem

Thank you for that command, I didn’t see that in the documentation.

I’m just trying to migrate data and structure from 1 environment to another.

It is mentioned in some doc pages. We are using persistence layer to cache several things (content/roles/notifications etc.) If you take a look to the system architecture you will see a cache layer just before the storage :https://doc.ezplatform.com/en/latest/guide/architecture/ . After DB import you should always consider to clear this cache as well.