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eZ Platform EE & Varnish purge front cache (content/view) on content publish

I need your help please.

I’m facing a problem with Varnish on eZ Platform EE with Legacy Back Office and eZ DFS enabled (cluster mode).

After I’ve edited a content on the B.O (publish content), my varnish front cache (of my content) is never purged.

It’s ok when I bypass Varnish or restart Varnish.

I’ve tested this https://www.mugo.ca/Blog/Built-in-Varnish-Cache-purge-on-publish-support-in-eZ-Publish but nothing change.

An idea ?


– Technical data:

OS: Debian 8
Varnish: 4.0.2
VCL used: varnish4_ban.vcl
ezublish-release : 1, ezpublish-version : 6.4.0

P.S: I’ve followed this doc https://doc.ezplatform.com/en/1.7/guide/http_cache/