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eZ Platform 2.5 LTS / Legacy Bridge : end of life?


The eZ Platform 2.5 LTS Community support goes until March 2023 ?
The eZ Publish Legacy support goes until 2021 ?


But when will the support of eZ Platform 2.5 LTS Community with Legacy Bridge end ?




The Service Life page only covers Support and Maintenance for Enterprise subscriptions, and the packages they use that are supported as part of this.

Are your question as a Community user or as a Enterprise user of eZ software?



This is as a Community user of eZ software.


Then the information on the page does not apply.

For Community there are no support except community support (forums, slack) which is encouraged but voluntary for everyone in the community, including eZ employees.

As for maintenance, as long as there are community members willing to contribute and maintain legacy it will be maintained somehow.

For Enterprise customers the page implies that legacy is maintained until march 2019 and supported (with limitations for things like eZ Platform Cloud) + security handling is committed until 2023 for some versions. So in practice, for us 2019.03 is potentially the last “major” legacy release initiated from eZ side, after that mainly security is focus from our side. As usual security patches are given to Enterprise customers first, and to everyone else some weeks later once the security issue is published.

OK, thanks.

If I well understand :

  1. For Entreprise customers, the Legacy (for some versions) security patches will go until 2023 ?
  2. For the Community editions, the securities patches will go like the Entreprise editions but with a little time lag of some weeks ?


Yes, typically 2-4 weeks after when vulnerability is published.