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[eZ Launchpad] ez init : ERROR while creating the SOLR collection

Hi there!

I’m starting a new project.

I’m doing the ez init of eZ Launchpad. (https://ezsystems.github.io/launchpad/)

But there’s an error while creating the SOLR collection.

ez init

Installation OK
Creating relimez3_mailcatcher_1 ... 
Creating relimez3_mailcatcher_1 ... done
Creating relimez3_mysqlproxy_1  ... done
Recreating relimez3_engine_1    ... done
Creating relimez3_adminer_1     ... done
Creating relimez3_blackfire_1   ... done
Creating relimez3_redisadmin_1  ... done
Creating relimez3_nginx_1       ... done
Creating relimez3_solr_1        ... done
Creating relimez3_redis_1       ... done
Creating relimez3_varnish_1     ... done

Solr is running

Copying configuration to new core instance directory:

Creating new core 'collection1' using command:

ERROR: Error CREATEing SolrCore 'collection1': Unable to create core [collection1] Caused by: Can`t find resource 'currency.xml' in classpath or '/ezsolr/server/ez/collection1'

Core collection1 created.
...Solr is running
Re-indexing started for search engine: eZ Platform Solr Search Engine

Purging index...
Re-Creating index for 13 items across 1 iteration(s), using single (current) process:
 0/1 [>---------------------------]   ERROR     [console] Error thrown while running command "--env=prod ezplatform:reindex". Message: "Wrong HTTP status received from Solr: 404 on http://solr:8983/solr/collection1

ez -v

eZ Launchpad v1.4.5


Ping @Plopix the eZ Launchpad master.