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Error content type


Hello, When I want to change a content type, I get the following error: The expression ’ OR ’ expected at least 1 argument but none provided.

Is there a way to debug this in more details so I can fix this ?

I appreciate any help.

Hi! It would help if you could describe the change you are making, and what your goal is. The error message indicates that a database query is failing because the part after the “OR” is missing, likely a consequence of your change.


I’m on a back-office content type that I’m trying to add a checkbox type field to.

The field is added in the interface, I see it. I can modify the title as well as the identifier.

When I do publish, I have the error displayed.

thank you in advance

Hmm… that looks like a bug. But it can’t be a common bug, or we would have heard more about it, since adding a field type to a content type is a common thing to do. I’d recommend upgrading to the most recent package updates on your branch, in case it’s a problem that’s already fixed. What is your branch, by the way? 1.13, 2.5, 3.2, 3.3…?


I wondered if this was not a special case. On other types of content, I have no worries, I only have 2 which are in this case.

I did not find any common point between these 2 compared to the others.

I am currently on a 2.5 LTS

Thanks for your feedback

I see. In that case, it could be a database corruption of some sort. If you start from scratch creating a new content type with the same fields as the one that’s failing, and the new one works, then that’s an indication.