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Default site language

It would be great if I could set a default language instead of using eng-gb. For example I would like new content objects to be eng-us and not be forced to use eng-gb.

My other question is we will use eng-us as the primary language however our offices in London will have different content but still in English. Is the best way to handle this is to create an eng-us language then use the eng-gb for our office in London? I will have to inform our editors to make sure content is set to eng-us when building a content item from scratch. All the content types default to eng-gb still. I don’t think that will cause any issues with eng-us.

Just wondering what everyone else does in a situation like this.

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Hi Travis,

Doe this help? See https://ezcommunity.slack.com/archives/C3YFR5ZM4/p1530180967000023.
Also read the messages above where Carlos is setting his ‘requirements’ such as Spanish to be the default language.

@sylvain.guittard , @bdunogier any advise on Travis his second question?

I think what Travis means is that initial database dump uses eng-GB language code hardcoded in the dump.

We usually dump the database after the initial install and just search & replace eng-GB with a desired language, update the language name in ezcontent_language database table and restore the database.

If installing the demo data (images and stuff), we also need to rename paths to images in storage folder to have the new language code in the file path.

Do you run into any update issues down the road doing the mysql dump + find/replace + mysql import technique? Anything to consider about using the API. I believe kaliopmigrations bundle defaults to eng-GB unless specified to something else.

No issues whatsoever. We’ve been doing it for years that way and never had any problems.

Sorry for the late answer, vacations are to blame :slight_smile: