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Create new folder and acces to it

Hey all
im begginer in ezPublish i want create simple page with simple title


but i cant who can help me

Hi Mehdi,
I hope you have find out how to do it:- )
You need basically 4 steps:

  1. Create ContentType
  2. Create Content
  3. Match the Template
  4. dump your content

1 and 2 are backend Tasks:

  1. https://doc.ibexa.co/projects/userguide/en/latest/site_organization/organizing_the_site/#content-types
  2. https://doc.ibexa.co/projects/userguide/en/latest/creating_content_basic/

3 and 4 need some Implementation: https://doc.ibexa.co/en/latest/getting_started/first_steps/#create-twig-templates-and-match-then-with-view-config