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Content id not found using /content/edit/draft/<contentid>/<versionNo>/<languages>

Hi folks,

Trying to edit a content item directly using /content/edit/draft/82/3/eng-GB show this exception error:

NotFoundException NotFoundException NotFoundHttpException
HTTP 404 Not Found
Could not find ‘Content’ with identifier ‘array (
‘id’ => ‘82’,
‘languages’ =>
array (
0 => ‘eng-GB’,
‘versionNo’ => ‘3’,

Using in /admin works perfect.

The roles applied are:

Content Type: Post, Shared image, Storyline
Owner: Self
Section: Standard
Subtree of Location: /Home/Books & Stories

The user can create the content with /content/create/nodraft/



After write the question, I realized the Subtree of Location was not the same that I did try to edit the content object. Adding the correct subtree to roles, solve the exception error.

Sorry for this post and thank you very much for understand.

Going deeper in this issue.

Cannot edit with /content/edit/draft/65/2/eng-GB/67 but in admin it can. Then if I try to edit in both access, opening edition in admin first, the FO can edit without problems. Even using admin user in FO cannot edit content without open edition in /admin first.