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Configuration of blocks in entreprise version


I have developed an application with enterprise version in version 2.3 which I use some blocks (collection). But when I upgrade version to 2.4, some regressions appear :

  • default icons don’t display any more (exemple bundles/ezplatformpagefieldtype/images/thumbnails/collection.svg)
  • I override configuration to personalize default view template but in 2.4 version, it used default view

These regressions are known ?
Do you have tricks to avoid create my custom blocks ?

Guillaume Méot

I don’t speak very good English, but you’re looking for tips so you don’t have to create custom blocks I have one.

Created new types of content.

Examples: “homepage_slider”, “best_article_list”, “remote_weather_service”

Define their embed view
And include them in your homepages with the embed block.

It’ll save you from having to play with the custom blocks.
In addition it is simpler, more powerful and more flexible because it can be reused in rich texts or object relationships.

Read this PR and compare with what you have:

Thank you @da_real.

You’re rights. The problem is the same.

To override default configuration, own bundles must be called before eZ bundles (vendors).
And icons appears if the EzPlatformPageFieldTypeBundle must be called after EzPlatformPageBuilderBundle

My problems are resolved.

Thanks for your help

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