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Clearing out bad image file references from the database

I’m upgrading a legacy site to platform, so I’m using an existing database. Inside this database, for some reason, there are references to files that belong to another site. Because of this, I can’t index the search engine, since some files have filepaths that don’t correspond to my var_site setting. I’ve located them in the database (ezimagefile table), but I’m not sure what to do with them. Is it safe to simply remove the entries from the table?

Hi Fabian!

If they are only referenced inside the ezimagefile table, then they are safe to remove. However, they can also be referenced inside the ezcontentobject_attribute table, in ezimage fields. In that case, you will need to remove them by hand from the XML in those fields (They are usually found in <alias> XML element in case of image aliases, or in the root <ezimage> element for original sized images).

I would definitelly advise backing up the database before any such operations :slight_smile: