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Can't save and publish created content

Hi all,
I have a user with attached role and policies to create, edit and publish content but in a specific set of subfolders a newly created object can neither be saved nor published. An existing neighbour node can be edited, saved and published. I double checked policy limitations regarding depth, sections and subtrees but have no clue what’s going on. What could I’ve been missed? Is there any possibility to debug what’s going on?
Thx in advance // nielo

Hi @Nielo!

I’m sorry, but I can’t find the attachment - could you try reuploading it? - I have probably misunderstood the word attached in this context :wink:

Could you please describe your Role here (with policies, their limitations etc.) so I can have a look on my own setup.

Hi @mnocon,

sorry for the misleading wording. The user group has a role with around 47 policies :smiley: So I can hardky describe them all. To eliminate the policies as a reason I additionaly assigned the three needed policies create, edit and publish without any limitiations. But that does not work too :confused: