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Bundles vs. Widgets

Hello everybody!
Are the #bundles the replacements of the Ezpublish’s #widgets ?
If yes, there are needs of examples. If no, let’s provide a category for that purpose and drive some starting point designs/implementations.

Thank you

Hello @bgnkeng2 and welcome to our forum.

eZ Publish used Extensions, you are probably referring to those? If so, than the answer is yes, Bundles are replacing Extensions. Bundles is a concept from Symfony, which is now used with eZ Platform.

With category, do you mean add one on the forum here? One that could include samples or Bundles partners/community members have made and want to share?

In that case, we already have a list at https://ezplatform.com/Bundles.

– Robin (Community Manager eZ Systems)

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Hi @bgnkeng2!

The list is not exhaustive. If you find a bundle that is compatible with eZ Platform and not listed, feel free to post a message on this forum, we will add it to the list.

You can also use packagist to find a bundle: https://packagist.org/?q=&p=0&hFR[type][0]=ezplatform-bundle. This query is using type as a parameter, so maybe some bundles are not visible because the developer did not add this type in composer.json.

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Thank you @robinmuilwijk,
You’re right about what I was meaning. But about the the new link, I think these bundles (at https://www.ezplatform.com/bundles) are not well presented in a what that one can actually see how the are used without downloading and testing.

If there were, @sylvain.guittard, some rules for publishing an “ezplaftorm specific bundle” that would be good. i.e. presenting the image, stating how it works and what problems it solves (while keeping the source code on github). If not, we should have kept http://knpbundles.com.

This is very important.
Thank you once more for the care.

I think the priority would be first to let users submit their bundles by themselves.
Second, to have some sort of categories to explore the different bundles.

About the description of the bundle (what problems it solves), this probably could remain in Github, no? (how ever it could be improved as some of them are really not so good)
Do we really need duplicate information and screenshots?

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We agree with Roland that it is a top priority to first let the users submit their own bundles to ezplatform.com/bundles

Brookins Consulting

Hi @Beegee!

What you see on ezplatform.com is the description that the developer added to the package on packagist.org. We are importing it on ezplatform.com. Unfortunately, some descriptions are not great and can be improved but it’s up to the developers to update it.

This is only possible if the developer (who wants to see his bundle on ezplatform.com) can publish directly on ezplatform.com. It will require more work for the developers: publish on github.com, publish on packagist.org, publish on ezplatform.com. We wanted something more “automatic”.
If the eZ Community wants to have this feature, I will be happy to write the specifications and plan this work for later.

eZ Systems is not the owner of http://knpbundles.com. knpbundles website lists Symfony bundles. We wanted to have a place where eZ Platform developers can find eZ Platform Bundles.

Yes for the forks and folks on Github.
But still screenshots and few descriptions on ezplatform.com, YES too !