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Boolean field creates 2 versions and doesn't save correct

I have a eZ Platform 2.5 installation and just found a very strange thing that happens when saving.

Basically, in my custom Content-Type, I have a checkbox/boolean field type ‘Active recipe category:’ that has the identifier name active to track if that content should be active or not.
When editing that content and disable/uncheck that field everything looks normal, so I just click on Publish, but the value is still enabled/checked. After a lot of investigation, I’ve found that the version of the content is increassed by 2 and I looked in the database and the very next version is the correct one, but for an unknown reason another version with the opposite value is also inserted.


The content has the ‘Active recipe category’ enabled/check and its current version is 64. Then I edit the content and disable/uncheck the ‘Active recipe category’ field and publish. The expected behavior is the increase the version to 65 and switch the value of ‘Active recipe category’ to false/uncheck. However, in my case, the ‘Active recipe category’ value is still enabled/checked and the version is 66 instead and in the database the version 65 exists and has the correct value, but where does the second insert come from? and why?

I’ve also recorded this here: 2021-09-24 17-22-32.mp4 - Google Drive

I can imagine that could be hard to investigate, but maybe someone cand give me some hints of how can I fix this. Maybe this is an internal issue.