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Are you using Oracle and/or an Oracle/eZ Platform connector?

We at eZ are very curious if you are using Oracle and/or an Oracle/eZ Platform connector. We would like to discover if there is a need for support on this for eZ Platform. Please leave a reply here, or contact me through a Message here on the forum.

Robin (Community Manager @ eZ Systems)


CJW Network is an eZ partner of long standing and supports several enterprise customers with Oracle installations. These are typically intra- end extranet applications with 5.000 to 150.000 users and heavy load on the database.

As early adopters of eZ Platform we have been urging eZ Systems for years to provide a schedule for Oracle support in eZ Platform. In regards to these enterprise customers we are in a very uncomfortable situation right now. For maintenance and even for new developments we are stuck in the legacy stack and we find it harder and harder to convince the customers that eZ Publish/eZ Platform will meet their future requirements. This shows that it can have a real impact wether eZ Systems provides the support for an enterprise database to his enterprise customers.