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An error occurred while saving the draft


I just installed eZ Platform and I get an error poping up at the bottom of the screen when adding an image to the content type Media -> Image. Without image the draft/publish works fine.

This error is also there on conent type Content -> Blog post when adding the image.

The content classes are original, I have made no changes to them.

I wondered if it could be a permission problem, but I did a (this is a test site) chmod -R a+w * on both the cache and var directories with no luck.

Please advise :slight_smile:


Hi, what does the error say?

And do you get any more information in ezplatform/app/logs/dev.log og prod.log when this happens?

What about chrome or firefox developer tools - any more information about the error there?

The error message is the title of the post.

There are no entries i either the prod.log or the dev.log.

Regards, Atle

What about chrome og mozilla dev tools and the network tab?

Most likley, one of the requests tracked by this tab wil be marked as red. Click on that one and see what the HTTP response is. Does it containt any JSON with a more detailed error message?

Also - what kind of user are you logged in as? And what kind of roles are mapped to that user or user group?

Sounds like you are missing the rights to create og publish to Media section.

I am logged in as the Super User, Administrator.