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Alternative text / ezimageasset field

When a new image is uploaded via an ezimageasset field, the image object is created in the media library immediately. The ALT field is then not filled in and this information is not stored in the image object stored in the media library.
How is it possible to solve this?
Best regards,

Hi @cyrnut!
you can define the alternative text directly in the image asset field. This allows you to define different alternative texts for different usages.

The image itself in the media library will not have the alternative text, this is true.
Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for that quick answer.
It is useful to be able to propose different alternative texts according to the contents/uses…
((but we rarely have this need)
Would it be possible to save the ALT in the created image and automatically reload the ALT when the image is reused?
This way, the image object is complete and we keep the possibility to modify the ALT each time the image is used if necessary.
(we are working on version 3.0.0.beta1)